Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Spring Already!

So it seems every year winter gets longer!  Maybe it is just having children :).  So welcome spring!  We are so ready for longer and warmer days.

On a humorous note, we took the kids to a new dentist and sigh....cavities as usual, but poor Eliza had to have two baby teeth pulled.  We didn't tell her she was having teeth pulled, we just told her her teeth were being extracted.

Jared took her.  I was anxious to see how she did and asked her all about it when she got home.

"It was okay," she said, "The ladies there were so nice, but then that boy (the dentist) came and just started ripping out my teeth!"

We had to laugh 😂.

Jacob is taking a minecraft modding class, so we have put in our time playing that game - for better or for worse.  The other night as Lucy was falling asleep she asked me very seriously, "Mom if I die in real life, how long will it take me to respawn?"

Ha ha!  Perfect Segway to talk about the resurrection and Jesus.  So the more righteous you are, the sooner you respawn!

Emmi is talking up a storm.  She turns 2 in May.  She is terrified of airplanes, printer, and "glud" (blood).  She covets anything that belongs to her older sibling, especially stuffed animal cats.

Lucy just turned 4 and love to do math problems and hang out with mommy.  She is afraid of red eyed crocodiles and loves to eat cinnamon life.

Eliza is 6 and also loves math problems (they do not get this from their mother).  She loves wild animals and is frightened of the shadows from the shower curtain.

Hazel is 8 and spends all her free time drawing.  She loves to do drawing tutorials and has a lucky pencil.  Actually, she has a lucky everything- shoes, pants, eraser, spoon, and even a lucky strawberry 🍓 plant!  She is afraid of tsunamis 🌊  and getting the tummy flu... oh and ants and flies.

Miriam is 10, wow!  She also loves to draw and read.  She read anything that has words, cereal boxes, receipts, pretty much anything!  She is afraid of guns, tornados, and the tummy flu.

Jacob is 11 and loves Lego, soccer, and programming.  He is becoming the IT guy in the family, watch out Dad!  He is working on making a platformer game.  He fears nothing, well, almost nothing, he admits to running when Emmi has a stick or something that could be welded as a weapon.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Almost 2,4,6,8,10, and 11

Well the last little while has been an adventure :)  We just made it through 2 more fun birthdays. Miriam and Lucy celebrated another year.  Emmi sure enjoyed the party.  She keeps asking for more "Happy Cake"

Saturday, February 4, 2017

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